Licensed Architect in Colombia, South America.
Member of the American Institute of Architects

I was born in Calarca Colombia, South America which is a small town
located in the Andes mountains. I grew up surrounded with beautiful
architecture that impacted my life.

I studied architecture and acquired my license in one of the most renowned
universities in Colombia (Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana).
After I graduated, I went to live in Europe to study the architecture and
cultures of other countries. As a result, I learned several languages as well as
the architectural expressions of other cultures. These experiences have
profoundly influenced my professional and personal life.

Upon returning to Colombia I formed my own company designing &
building residential and commercial properties.

From Colombia I moved to New York and worked for a prestiguous
architectural firm in the Hamptons as a project manager (Austin Patterson
Disston Architects). During my tenure with the firm I became an American

I now have my own studio and work with many licensed engineers and
architects. I successfully divide my professional time between Colombia and
the United States.

Oscar Giraldo Designer is based in West Palm Beach, Florida and much of
my work has been designing houses in the Hamptons where my clientele
consist of well known and distinguished people.
I pride myself on being able to listen and dedicate all of my attention to each
client I work with.